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I feel that homework is very important in second grade.  It teaches them responsibility and allows them to practice skills we are learning in class.  I do not want students stressing over homework.  It should not take more than 30 minutes each night.  Please help me to cultivate a postivie attitude about homework. 



  • Your child should read at least 15 minutes each night.
  • Your child will have reading fluency homework Monday through Thursday.  Please read the entire story with your child the first time.  Then you will time them reading the selected story for one minute and record how many words they read during that time.  Please help answer the questions on the back before returning it to school on Friday morning.


  • Spelling words ar sent home on Monday with the class newsletter.  Please have your child study them for a few minutes each night.  Spelling tests are usually on Friday unless otherwise noted.




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